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Claiming Rewards

A Step-By-Step Guide To Claiming Your Rewards

Accessing the Staking Platform

Log in to the Meme Kombat staking platform where your $MK tokens are staked.

Claiming Rewards

Locate the "Claim Now" button on the dashboard. This is typically found in the section where your staking details and accumulated rewards are displayed.

Initiating the Claim

Click on the "Claim Now" button to initiate the reward claim process. Since this is an off-chain event, it does not require confirmation on the blockchain and incurs no network charges.

Lock Period Reset

Upon claiming your rewards, the lock period for your staked tokens will be automatically reset to 10 days.

Confirmation of Claim

After clicking "Claim Now," you should receive a confirmation message or indicator showing that your rewards have been successfully claimed.

Post-Claim Staking

Your claimed rewards will be added to your staked balance and will immediately begin accruing new rewards under the same APY conditions.
Remember, each time you claim rewards, the lock period for all your staked tokens is reset. It is important to consider the timing of your claim if you plan to unstake tokens in the near future.