Staking Components

The core functionality of staking in Meme Kombat

Staking Components

Staking and Un-staking

Meme Kombat's ($MK) Staking function is streamlined for user convenience and effectiveness. Users have the flexibility to select the precise amount of tokens they wish to stake, or they can choose to stake all available tokens with a single click. This process not only initiates the growth of their investment but also seamlessly integrates with the ecosystem, providing a straightforward and effective way to enhance their involvement in the $MK platform.

The Un-staking function in Meme Kombat ($MK) is meticulously designed to ensure security and clarity in the withdrawal process. To initiate un-staking, users are first required to authorize the event, a step that underscores our commitment to security and user control. If your tokens are subject to a lock still the "Amount to unstake" field will be populated with a timer indicating how much longer you have until you can un-stake. Please see Staking Overviewfor more information on lock periods.


Meme Kombat's ($MK) Claim Rewards function is meticulously engineered to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency. Emphasizing user autonomy, it allows users to manually harvest their staking rewards at any moment, ensuring immediate access and control over their earnings.

A user can claim their $MK rewards at any time without paying a transaction fee on chain. This is due to Meme Kombat's blend of on and off chain technology which enables users to claim rewards and battle without suffering losses due to network transaction fees.

When a user claims rewards they will automatically be added to the users Meme Kombat wallet. Once in this wallet, inside the Meme Kombat ecosystem, you can choose to wager in battles, re-stake or withdraw to a on chain Ethereum wallet address.

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