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How the pie gets sliced

$MK Tokenomics

The total supply of Meme Kombat Token is 120 Million tokens. The $MK Tokenomics structure is meticulously designed to distribute the total supply of tokens across various essential segments, ensuring the stability, growth, and engagement within the Meme Kombat ecosystem. Below, we'll examine the specific allocation of the $MK tokens:

Presale Allocation (50%) (60,000,000) Tokens

The presale allocation represents 50% of the total $MK supply. This segment plays a crucial role in:
  • Initial Capital Generation: The presale phase enables early investors to purchase $MK tokens at a preferential rate, providing essential capital to fuel the initial development and marketing efforts.
  • Community Building: By allowing early access, the presale fosters a community of committed supporters who are invested in the project's success from the outset.
  • Market Establishment: Presale helps in establishing initial liquidity and value perception in the market, setting the stage for future trading and engagement

Staking & Battle Rewards (30%) (30,600,000) Tokens

Allocating 30% of the $MK supply to staking and battle rewards emphasizes the project's commitment to incentivizing participation and engagement:
  • Staking Rewards: By offering returns on staked $MK, users are encouraged to hold and invest their tokens, thereby increasing overall stability and reducing market volatility.
  • Battle Rewards: This allocation fuels the prizes for both general and high-stakes battles, adding excitement and competition within the game. users are rewarded with $MK for victorious battles, further integrating the token within the Meme Kombat experience.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Allocation (10%) (10,200,000) Tokens

The 10% allocation to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) serves several vital functions:
  • Liquidity Provision: By placing a portion of the tokens on DEX, liquidity is ensured, facilitating smooth and efficient trading of $MK.
  • Accessibility: This allocation makes $MK widely accessible to various participants within the crypto space, ensuring a broad and diverse user base.
  • Price Stability: By managing the token's availability on DEX, the project can foster price stability and reduce susceptibility to large-scale market manipulations.

Community Rewards (10%) (10,200,000) Tokens

The community rewards segment, comprising 10% of the total $MK supply, underscores the project's focus on community development:
  • Engagement Incentives: Community rewards may include incentives for content creation, referrals, participation in polls, or other community-driven initiatives.
  • Long-term Loyalty: Regular rewards for active community members can foster long-term loyalty and consistent engagement.
  • Collaborative Growth: By actively rewarding the community, the Meme Kombat project can harness collective intelligence, creativity, and enthusiasm to continually evolve and improve.

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