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Meme Kombat Roadmap

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Roadmap for Meme Kombat

The roadmap for Meme Kombat outlines the strategic and chronological development of the project, providing insights into key milestones and future initiatives. The timeline reflects the project's dedication to continuous growth and community engagement.

Presale Launch - September 2023

  • Objective: Kickstart the Meme Kombat project through a token presale.
  • Details: 50% of the $MK tokens will be available for presale, paving the way for the platform's launch.
  • Outcome: A successful presale will provide the essential funds and community support required to move forward with the platform's development.

Platform Launch - Late Q4 2023

  • Objective: Officially launch the Meme Kombat platform.
  • Details: Depending on the completed sell-out of the presale, the platform launch is planned for late Q4 2023.
  • Outcome: The launch will mark the commencement of Meme Kombat's operations, offering users access to battles, staking, and other features.

Season 1 of Meme Kombat - Immediate Post-Launch

  • Objective: Inaugurate the first season of Meme Kombat.
  • Details: Season 1 will kick off immediately following the platform launch, featuring battles, leaderboards, and more.
  • Outcome: This season will set the stage for continuous gameplay, attracting users, and fostering community engagement.

Season 2 of Meme Kombat - Q1 2024

  • Objective: Launch the second season of Meme Kombat with enhanced features and experiences.
  • Details: Building on the success of the first season, Season 2 will commence in Q1 2024, introducing new battle types, rewards, and opportunities.
  • Outcome: Season 2 will further establish Meme Kombat's presence in the blockchain gaming space, reflecting the project's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Future Development

  • Continuous Upgrades: Meme Kombat will continue to evolve, with ongoing updates to the platform, gameplay, tokenomics, and more.
  • Community Engagement: Ongoing interaction with the community will shape future seasons and features, aligning with user preferences and industry trends.
  • Expansion Plans: Looking into 2024 and beyond, the project has plans for further expansion, potentially adding new game modes, partnerships, and other exciting developments.