Staking Dashboard

Where you track all things staking inside Meme Kombat

Staking Dashboard

Total $MK Staked

Total $MK Staked" represents the cumulative amount of Meme Kombat tokens currently locked in the staking contract by all users. This metric provides a real-time indicator of overall community engagement and the trust placed in the $MK ecosystem.

% of $MK Staked

% of $MK Staked" indicates the proportion of the total circulating supply of Meme Kombat tokens that are currently staked in the system. This percentage offers a valuable insight into the token's utility and popularity, reflecting how much of the available supply is actively being used for staking.


APY (Annual Percentage Yield)" dynamically showcases the projected annual return rate on staked Meme Kombat tokens, fluctuating based on current staking participation. This vital metric provides users with an up-to-date estimation of potential earnings, adjusting in real-time as the number of active stakers in the $MK ecosystem varies.

Total Rewards Paid

Total Rewards Paid" quantifies the aggregate amount of rewards that have been distributed to all stakers of Meme Kombat tokens up to the present. This figure highlights the tangible returns generated by the staking process, underlining the value and benefit extended to the participants in the $MK ecosystem.

Total Stakers

Total Stakers" reflects the number of individual participants who have staked their Meme Kombat tokens in the system. This metric serves as a key indicator of the community's size and involvement, demonstrating the reach and participation level within the $MK staking ecosystem.

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