Earning APY

Why you should stake with Meme Kombat

Earning Passive APY

One of the primary attractions of staking $MK is the opportunity to earn passive Annual Percentage Yield (APY):

  • Interest Algorithms: The implementation of staking algorithms allows for the compounding of interest on $MK tokens held over a duration, creating an incentive structure for sustained ecosystem investment.

  • Market Stabilization Function: The act of staking $MK inherently contributes to the reduction of circulating supply, thereby mitigating market volatility and enhancing the overall economic stability of the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

  • Incentivization of Prolonged User Involvement: Through APY earnings, users are financially motivated to maintain a continuous, vested interest in the platform, thereby amplifying community engagement and retention, particularly crucial during non-active betting periods in Meme Kombat battles.

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