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Withdraw From Staking

Step-by-Step Guide to Withdrawing $MK Tokens
Withdrawing your staked $MK tokens is a simple process that involves two distinct actions: an off-chain request to initiate the withdrawal and an on-chain transaction to complete it. Follow these steps to successfully un-stake your $MK tokens:

Step 1

Requesting the Withdrawal (Off-Chain Action)

Access the Application:

Begin by logging into the $MK project application where your tokens are staked.
Locate and select the 'Staking' section within the application to view your staked tokens.

Initiate Withdraw Request:

Find and click on the "Un-stake Now" option. This will prompt you to enter the amount of $MK tokens you wish to withdraw.

Enter Withdrawal Amount:

Specify the amount of $MK tokens you intend to withdraw. Ensure you review any minimum withdrawal requirements or fees that may apply.

Confirm the Withdrawal Request:

After entering the amount, confirm the request to withdraw. This action is off-chain and will not require a transaction fee. It is at this point your withdrawn $MK tokens will no longer earn APY rewards. It effectively marks your tokens for un-staking, removing them from the staking pool, but they remain in the staking contract until the on-chain transaction is completed. Once this action is done you are forced to complete the second step.

Step 2

Signing the Transaction (On-Chain Action)

Wait for 'Unstake Now' Prompt:

After your withdrawal request is processed off-chain, the "Unstake Now" button will once again prompt you to click it.

Initiate the On-Chain Transaction:

Click the "Unstake Now" button. This action will trigger your connected ERC20 wallet to open automatically.

Approve the Transaction:

Your wallet will display a transaction, pre-filled with the details of your withdrawal. This includes the amount of $MK tokens you're unstaking and the destination address (usually your wallet address). Review the transaction to ensure all details are correct. Be aware of the gas fee required to process the transaction, which can fluctuate based on the Ethereum network's current congestion.

Confirm and Complete the Withdrawal:

Once you've confirmed the details and are ready to proceed, sign the transaction in your wallet to authorize the withdrawal. This on-chain action will move the tokens from the staking pool to your wallet and will be recorded on the blockchain.

Check Your Wallet Balance:

After the network confirms the transaction, verify your wallet to ensure that the unstaked $MK tokens are there.