Meme Kombat Whitepaper
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Staking During Presale

This is for the presale buyers only

Presale Claiming and Reward Structure

During the presale phase of $MK, participants have the unique opportunity to accrue rewards without the customary 10-day lock-in period affecting their holdings. This exception exists because the $MK tokens cannot be traded on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) until the conclusion of the presale. However, it is crucial for participants to understand that each time they claim their rewards, it triggers a reset of their lock-in period. This is an important detail to note for strategic planning of reward claims.
Following the conclusion of the presale, $MK will be listed on a DEX once appropriate marketing and token launch support planning is in place. Once the token is launched on the DEX there will be a 10 day lock period on all staked tokens that were staked during the presale. Please continue to read further into this white paper to understand staking activities that can and will result in the 10 day lock period being reset.

Post-Presale Trading and Staking Dynamics

Following the launch of $MK on a DEX/CEX, the ability to withdraw and trade your $MK tokens will be directly linked to the most recent balance activity from your staked $MK tokens. To optimize your financial strategy, keep a close eye on your staking and claiming actions.

Switch To Dynamic Staking

Once the $MK Dapp is rolled out, each $MK holder will be allowed to claim & stake their $MK tokens with the official $MK staking pool. The APY earned from staking $MK will fluctuate based on the amount of stakers in the pool. This is what we refer to as "Dynamic Staking".
Meme Kombat Hybrid Staking Application (hApp) blends both on/off chain technology for a unique user experience
STATS is where each user will see their current staked balance alongside their lifetime realized rewards. You can also click the linked message to claim previously purchased $MK
Claim is where you would claim any accumulated rewards you would like to add to your previously staked balance to compound your rewards
This graph reprents the total staked $MK tokens over time
This terminal is where you will find relevant info on your claiming, deposits and withdraws of $MK token